Open RAN for Beyond 5G Wireless Networks Challenges and visions

Topics covered:

  • Wireless network management (e.g. RAN Disaggregation, Micro-service Oriented Architecture, Telemetry Aggregation and Processing, Multi-agent Management, Big Data Analytics, Zero-touch Service Management, etc.)
  • ML/AI for future wireless networks (e.g. Swarm Intelligence, Event Prediction, Distributed Learning, Federated Learning, Meta-learning, etc)
  • Emerging technologies (e.g. Cell-free, Large Scale mMIMO, THz transmission, Optical-wireless, HW acceleration, Molecular Communication and Internet of Nano-Things, Large Dimensional Networks, etc.)
  • Edge and cloud RAN enablers (e.g. Multi-cloud Orchestration, Telco-compatible Virtualization, MEC, etc.)
  • Energy efficiency, (e.g. Energy harvesting, SWIPT, Green Communication, etc.)
  • Security, (Security at the Edge, Quantum Communication, Blockchain, DLT, etc.)
  • Use-cases (e.g. Zero-touch Network, Internet of Everything, O-RAN use-cases, etc.)
  • Distributed Network Management Orchestration for Next-Generation Sustainability.

Conference in numbers

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The debate and presentations about the latest trends in building telecommunications networks: ML/AI, Edge and cloud RAN, Security and more.

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Top figures from universities and R&D centers leading the telecommunication revolution. It includes King's College London, University Carlos III of Madrid, Virginia Tech, and more.

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The target of the conference is to bring together top R&D and business representatives and discuss the future of telecommunications.

Speakers at 5G Made Together Conference


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